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Offering a musical and artistic education to underprivileged children and adults in Bolivia. The focus is on children who live in rural areas and have no access to the expensive private musical programs offered in the cities.







At the beginning the music school was located in El Paso in the vicinity of Cochabamba where children have no access to a proper musical education. Because of lodging problems we had to move and are currently located just outside the city centre of Cochabamba! BUT we still looking for OUR place in the countryside!!! We believe that pacience, work, love and faith will be compensate, hopefully soon!


Still, we don't give up and in the meanwhile we go once a month to visit some villages and make music with the people there. 


The school focuses on offering children and adults a general music education and learning them to play classical and folk instruments. At a later stage, the aim is also to teach other forms of art such as dance and theater.


Cresendo has some instruments freely ​available to the students so that they do not have to purchase them. Crescendo buys these instruments from local instrument makers in Cochabamba, which includes both classical and folkloric instruments.The teachers are musicians from Cochabamba and surroundings.

Besides giving a musical education, the music will also be socially active. Here the focus is on giving concerts involving the local community and organizing exchanges with other music schools in other Bolivian towns and cities, and hopefully beyond.


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