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The idea to create a music school originated during one of the many trips of the music group Habana from Cochabamba. This group, consisting of eight musicians who bring popular and folkloric music, is much requested in Cochabamba and surrounding areas to brighten up musical events (in Bolivia there is still the tradition of playing live music during festivities). The musicians frequently travel to remote villages for several days to play at weddings or other festivities. During these trips, the musicians meet many children who show much excitement to learn to play an instrument. Music schools are not located in the rural areas, this in contrast with the city where lots of good schools are located, but in rural areas most families don’t have the financial means to send their children to the city, let alone pay for the music lessons in these private schools.

The musicians of Habana want to give these children the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, learn to read music, develop as musicians and spread the joy that music brings. Several musicians of Habana themselves come from rural areas, cannot or do not properly read scores and would have been very happy to have had access to a good musical education in their youth. An opportunity they wish to offer to the next generation now.

It is from this idea that some musicians of Habana, in collaboration with other musicians from Cochabamba, now opened the music school Crescendo in El Paso, a region in the countryside around the city of Cochabamba. A new project to give the children in the region access to a musical education. An education that hopefully can open new doors for them.

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